Moral Fibre – Read my Tshirt

Moral Fibre Tshirt slogans, Photo ©Liza Lemsatef Cunningham

Moral Fibre Tshirt slogans

In western culture the front of Tshirts have evolved into a space used for everything from jokes to political statements, to displaying allegiance to bands and fashion labels.

A T-shirt and jeans in non-organic cotton use over half a kilo of chemicals

Interestingly, in one of the display cases in the Moral Fibre section of the gallery, the curators have chosen to use this device to great effect. Eschewing the traditional gallery label in favour of emblazoning text across plain (organic!) Tshirts, the resulting shirts provide an apt way of drawing attention to some incredible facts and figures surrounding ethical issues of cotton production.

Moral Fibre is a section of the exhibition COTTON: Global Threads which draws attention to issues surrounding both the environmental impact of the global cotton industry, showcasing organic cotton, and the importance of ‘Fairtrade’ to improve the lives of cotton workers worldwide by providing a fair price for the cotton growers’ crop.


The Fairtrade Foundation website has lots of interesting information and ideas, you can find out more about where to buy Fairtrade cotton, and many ways to get involved with supporting the cause including one easy action you can take to help cotton farmers right now!

Download an introduction to Fairtrade cotton as a PDF

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton has benefits for the environment, farmers, traders, retailers and consumers. Read more about Organic Cotton on the Global Organic Cotton Community Platform, and Wikipedia

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