Stories of the World Projects

Stories of the World Projects

'Stories of the World' project

'Cottonopolis' in progress

A section of the gallery is devoted to displaying the work created over a three year period by young people from local colleges, for the Stories of the World initiative, part of the 2012 Cultural Olympiad.

On display is a sculpture, Cottonopolis, of coloured sand and wooden blocks fashioned into an imaginary ‘city’ with laser-engraved images from photos collected during the young people’s trip to watch cotton production in India. There is also an interactive space with up-cycled clothing to try on and videos depicting the young people describing their experiences.

Cotton’s Children Video game

In this section there are also specially created consoles offering a video game entitled Cotton’s Children.

Picking cotton in the sweltering fields of Uzbekistan, or scavenging for scraps beneath the Spinning Mule machines in a Manchester mill… the lives of children and young people working in the cotton industry today are as hard as they were two hundred years ago.

Cotton’s Children was developed by a team of young people aged 16-20 years old, working with graphic designers Smiling Wolf and games company Onteca.

In addition to playing the game in the gallery, the game has been formatted for iPad and is available for free via the Apple iTunes App Store.

There is a version to play online, accessible from the link below.

Play Cotton’s Children (opens a new window)


Recommended for ages 9+

To play this game you will need a plug-in (an extra bit of software for your computer.) If the computer you are using is not yours, you may have to ask the administrator or computer owner to install this for you.

The plugin is called the UNITY 3D Webplayer, You can download it directly from here. When you launch the game it should prompt you to download it if you do not already have it.

How to play the game:

Use your keyboard’s arrow keys to control forward, back, left and right movement

Use your Mouse to control the user’s view, in other words, point the mouse in the direction you want the the game character to look.

Use the ‘Escape’ or Esc key on your keyboard to return to the main menu. If you are ‘idle’ for more than one minute, the game will automatically return to the main menu.

Installation photos © 2012 Liza Lemsatef Cunningham

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