Liz Rideal paints the fabric of the building

Liz Rideal‘s video projection and LED work Light Curtain, lighting up the windows of the Whitworth has captivated and intrigued those walking along Oxford Road after dark.

The colorful imagery of fabrics and repetitive motion of weaving machines set against the red brick façade of the building brings to mind the ‘hour on the world’s stage’ that Manchester held as the capital of cotton through the Industrial Revolution. The juxtaposition indicates also at Lancashire’s relationship with India and its centuries of cotton production, which, as curator Jennifer Harris points out, has been described as the ‘Long Apprenticeship’.

Behind the scenes of Light Curtain at the Whitworth

We went ‘behind the curtain’ as it were, to take a peek at how the tech set up allows the vision to become a reality. When all the lights are switched off for the projection to begin, as you can see it even looks pretty from the inside of the building.

Video and photographs © Liza Lemsatef Cunningham,

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