COTTON: Global Threads Olympic Weave Race

Curator Dr Jennifer Harris reveals details about an upcoming special event at the Whitworth Art Gallery

Wednesday 18th to Saturday 21st April, 11am – 4:30pm and Sunday 22nd April, 12 -4pm   

Looms at the ready!

Join artist weaver Travis Meinolf in a three-way weaving race that will take place over four hours each day, totalling 20 hours race time.

No experience is necessary, sign up to weave at the gallery, and hopefully everyone will get a chance to join the race. Teams will be made up of volunteer weavers representing three different economic philosophies. Weave Racers will declare their team affiliation and sign up on the roster provided, then weave at the appropriate loom for whatever time they can give or until the end-of-day bell sounds.

The three teams are: The Capitalists, The Socialists, and The Artisans. The destination of the cloth they produce during the race will be different in each case.

The length of the three cloths will be measured at the end of the fifth day and Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals awarded to each ideology as appropriate, in a short ceremony.

Capitalist Racers
You will receive monetary remuneration for your participation, in the form of five cents US (a nickel). The cloth you weave will be retained by The Boss, and sewn into nappies, for use by his young scion, Master Louis.

Socialist Racers
You will weave for the weakest among us, receiving no recompense but the appreciation of young patients at the children’s hospital across the road, who will use the cloth produced as comfort blankets.

Artisan Racers
You are weaving for posterity. You will keep half of the product for yourselves, to use as you see fit. The other half will be retained by the Whitworth and will become part of the collection, a lasting memento of your skill.

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2 Responses to COTTON: Global Threads Olympic Weave Race

  1. Do weavers just turn up on the day and will they need to be involved everyday?

  2. Hi Wendy, I have updated the details above, hopefully this answers your question. Please just turn up at the gallery on the day to sign up – no commitment of a specific amount of time is required. Have fun!

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